Teacup Thursday: An Old German Teacup

What a fast week this has been...Tea Cup Thursday is here again! This week's special tea cup is:

My dear friend Char, an avid antique collector, knows how much we love tea cups. On one of her outings, she happened upon this lovely pair and shared them with Miss Spenser and I...so, today will be "double fun" as we both get to enjoy our own Tea Cup Thursday!    In preparing for Tea Cup Thursday, we had fun doing a little "tea cup research" about the stamp on the bottom. If we are correct, these tea cups are very old! The marking on the bottom is "Welmar" which is diagonally placed inside a shield emblem. Apparently a German China Company by the name of Fasolt & Eichel produced tableware, porcelain, decorative china, coffee and tea sets from 1846-1917. Don't you just love old things?!

The Teapot pictured in the photo is one of our new additions to the gift shop area...if you are interested, let us know, we have a limited supply available.

Other's Who Are Participating in
Teacup Thursday!


  1. Very pretty teacups and gift from a friend.

  2. These are very delicate and special! Are you going to have a statement inviting others to join us for Thursdays?

  3. Thank you for coming to visit! Your blog is beautiful. One of my favorite things on earth is TEA....I'll come back to visit, for sure. Your cups are beautiful...... I LOVE old china of any kind. I actually won Bernideen's giveaway recently. It is FAB.U.LOUS and will post about it as soon as I have a clean spot to do it. Still in the midst of house re-do!

    Have a lovely week and thanks again for your vist.

    Warm hugs,


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