WHO TV comes to Tea!!

This past Sunday afternoon, we had just finished dinner and were getting ready to relax for the day...Miss Spenser was off to get her "beauty" sleep and the rest of us were just being...well, just being plain ole' lazy when the phone rang. On the other end was Emily Carlson, one of our local t.v. station's reporters. She said she wanted to come out and interview us about the tea room....I said, "Oh that's nice...when?" She said, "Today, in about an hour??" Who could turn down this kind of publicity? So I sweetly said, "Sure." Then I proceeded to hang up the phone, screamed a bit, and started soliciting little busy bees to help me straighten the house up!!

Emily wanted to highlight Don for Father's Day and how the tea room and his family helped him through the rough time of unemployment last year. Here's a link to the podcast...hope you enjoy it...it will at least give you a glimpse of the tea room and my amazing family!!
Thanks Emily and WHO TV!!


  1. Congratulations on having your tea room on televison. I watched the clip and have to say you have one special family.
    Judith from Ontario

  2. FANTASTIC! I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER FOR YOU!!!!I watched the video...

  3. It was nice to "meet" your very special family through this video.

  4. What a wonderful video! It just captures the wonderful essence of the tea room. We had such a delightful time listening to the video..thanks for sharing the link! :)

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  5. Wow! What great publicity! You can't pay for that kind of coverage.

  6. Magnificent JOY!!! I will never tire of seeing your video interview knowing it was a blessing form our heavenly Father. As you have honored Him, He has honored you and I'm so happy to be a witness of His marvelous plan in your families lives. Miss Spencer is adorable, and a high five to the boys, too.


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