Teacup Thursdays: A Rose by Any Other Name

"Don't you think a Rose must be glad to be a Rose? And don't you just wish Rose's could talk? I'm sure they would tell us such lovely things... And isn't Pink the most bewitching color? I love it!"
~ Anne of Green Gables

In keeping up with the Anne Theme we thought we'd share with you some of our Rose Teacups ~ Enjoy!


Other's Who Are Participating in
Teacup Thursday!


  1. How very delicious! Rachel Lynn would approve and Marilla would be boiling the water right now!

  2. The green rose teacup is gorgeous! WOW!

  3. Loved looking at the pictures from your Anne of Green Gables Tea, looked like everyone was having a good time, and oh, the yummy food!
    The green rose teacup is reaally beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the green cup with the pink roses. Very pretty!

  5. That is a beautiful teacup. I really like that solid green with the floral design just on the inside of the cup.


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