The Gift of Friendship

"Of all the gifts that wise Providence grants us to make life full and happy, friendship is the most beautiful!"
 ~ Epicurus

Gingerbread Complete!

The Gingerbread House is Complete!! Enjoy the pictures!!! 

Gingerbread Baking

Hello Tea Friends! 

Sorry for the long delay in blog posts! December has been really busy (As always!) 

Christmas is just around the corner! Can you believe it!? I've always wanted to do a Gingerbread House, you know, the real, traditional, homemade kind!  I've done the graham cracker ones before, but never a homemade, cut out your own pieces kind. For some reason, those ones have always seemed a bit intimidating. 

  We all thought this would be the year that it would happen... but as the month flew by and only a few days before Christmas we began to worry that it might not happen. However, after being snowed in these past few days... I got the courage to try it! I have the pieces baked and just waiting for them to cool before putting them together!! I shall post a picture when it's completed! (Cross your fingers and hold your breath!)

Until then - Downton Abbey Fans... check out this Gingerbread version of Downton Abbey!! It is so cool!!!  Maybe I'll try this next year!!??? :)  

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