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Joys of Spontaneity: Tea in Kansas City and a Susan Branch Meeting

The fun stuff comes when someone is not so strict on sticking to the script. You're allowed the spontaneity, and great moments can happen. 
~ Jennifer Aniston 

And how true that is! Yesterday, mom and I had our own bout of spontaneity... We had heard the author, Susan Branch, was coming to the Midwest for a book signing. She is one of Mom's favorite authors; I grew up with her in our home. Susan was to be in Iowa City on Saturday for a book signing. We both wanted to go, but we had a tea at the tearoom and couldn't make it. We were disappointed... but after looking around on her website discovered that she was going to be in Kansas City on Monday evening! We didn't know if our busy week could handle a mad dash to Kansas City, but we decided it was a once in a life-time opportunity and that we should really try and go! And so we did! 

We decided we'd also make it a prelude to my birthday which is at the end of the month. Mom thought it would be fun to have tea somewhere... so we looked for a place by the plaza to have tea. We made reservations at the Intercontinental Hotel for their 4 o'clock tea... this would give us a leisurely afternoon before the book signing that began at 7 p.m. Here our some pictures of our teatime:
Mom, (Donna)... she doesn't like it when I take her picture! 

Me (Spenser)... wearing my Laura Ashley jacket which I bought in England! 

Out Tea Tray

Sandwiches and Scones

In honor of my birthday, they gave me a chocolate fudge cake

On a fun side note, as we walked into the Hotel, look who's car we noticed was parked on the Plaza! Susan Branch's van! Note - we were not near the bookstore at this time, so this was a fun surprise! It was like they were already there at the plaza greeting us! ;) 

Left to Right: Connie and Gina, Susan Branch, Donna, & Spenser
Later that evening at the bookstore while awaiting Susan's arrival, we ran into some tea friends, Connie and Gina! As we were chatting and catching up with them, in walked in Susan... she walked right up to us and greeted us with a cheerful, "Hello Girlfriends!" She was so warm and welcoming, and treated us as if we were longtime friends! She talked to us for quiet some time; we chatted about a lot of things including our recent trip to England.

Here she is during Q&A time! Susan is so personable and kind... definitely a kindred spirit! 

Mom brought her Susan Branch books for her to sign. It was very neat to meet her! Everyone at the book signing received a copy of her SoldOut book - "A Fine Romance" along with their ticket. This was my very first Susan Branch book, and certainly not the last! 

It was a special day, one full of fun and excitement and like the quote says... "great moments" did happen! 

Have a wonderful day Tea Friends! Until next time! 

Potato, Potahto, Tomato, Tomahto...

“You like potato and I like potahto
You like tomato and I like tomahto
Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto.
Let's call the whole thing off”

Remember these fun lyrics written by George Gershwin?  That’s all we could think about when we were with our delightful English Hosts!!  What fun we had with different terminology…

Here’s just a few:

We Say:                                              The English Say:

Interstate                                             Dual Carriage Way

Freeway                                               Motorway

Horse Trailer                                       Horse Box

Blinker                                                Indicator Light

Horse Blinder                                      Horse Blinker

Hood of Car                                        Bonnet

Line (Like Stand in a Line)                Queue

 Mail                                                    Post

Cookie                                                 Biscuit

Great Time                                          Smashing

Cupcake Tin                                        Patty Pan

Subway                                               Tube

Sticky Situation                                  Trickey Wicket

Pastor                                                  Vicar

Thermos                                              Flask

Television                                            Telly

Concert                                                Prom

Baby Carriage                                     Pram

Gasoline                                              Petrol

Car                                                      Automobile

Cell Phone                                           Mobile

Courtyard Stables                                Mews

Horsing Around                                  Mucking About

Restroom                                             Toilet or Loo

Tired, Worn Out                                  Knackered

Pants/trousers                                      Kecks

Small Crow                                         Jack-Daw

Vacation                                              Holiday

Layered Cake                                      Gateau

Hair Bangs                                          Fringe

Sassy                                                   Cheeky

Goodbye                                             Cheerio

Parking Lot                                         Car Park

Fed Up/bored                                     Browned Off

These are just a few…but one thing remains on both sides – FRIEND – A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.  Thank you Ridgways for making our stay in England such a “smashing” time!!

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