Teacup Thursday: Blue Willow

The Willow Pattern, more commonly referred to as "Blue Willow" is a classic pattern with a distinct landscape which includes the weeping willow, pagodas, three men on a bridge and a pair of lovebirds forever kissing, all on a blue and white background. This type of stamp on porcelain is known as transferware; the background always white while the foreground color depends on the maker.
The Willow pattern originated in Staffordshire, England, around 1780 by an apprentice potter, Thomas Minton. There are many stories about where the legend/story of the Willow pattern came about. One story tells that it was invented 200 years ago to promote pottery sales, others say the legend was told in China more than a thousand years ago and brought to Europe from Eastern lands by the Crusaders. This happens to be our favorite version, much more romantic - it portrays a rich Mandarin whose young daughter elopes with his secretary. The lovers are overtaken on the bridge by her father, and are then transformed into birds and flutter beyond his reach.

More information on this legendary pattern can be found at this website:http://www.angelfire.com/

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  1. I got my post up late....so busy going in 14 or more directions! Love your post!

  2. I am curious about what tea cup Thursday is? The information about tea cups is interesting. Do readers post pictures for information about their patterns, or is this simply information about the wide variety of cups you may have? Thanks! Lorna

  3. How pretty! I think I remember these lovely delights from the pioneer tea? They are so delightful!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  4. I am so very sorry I didn't post a teacup yesterday, I feel awful especially since you posted a link to my blog. The day was a whirlwind of activity with a friend needing help, orders to fill, and not food in the house. So "Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to everywhere I go" yesterday except here.

    Your Blue Willow is gorgeous and so are the photos. A big thumbs-up to Zachary for the stunning images. I so much enjoyed learning about the rich history, too. Hugs and abundant blessings for all this weekend!


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