Teacup Thursdays #1

This past week we were talking about all the pretty teacups we have been fortunate to collect over the past 5 years and how it is a shame that we usually drink from the same one every day. So we decided to try a new challenge - on Thursdays we will pick a cup from our collection and use it for the day! We hope to post a picture of the new tea cup every Thursday, so be watching as we showcase our collection in the weeks to come! We are excited to start using our collection more...we hope you will enjoy it too and perhaps be inspired to take on the challenge too! Let us know if you do!

This is a new teacup to our collection. It comes from our friend, Dennis, who picked it up on one of her travels. It's name is: A celebration of the Old Country Roses Garden made by Royal Albert.

Fast Pound Cake Recipe

With Spring upon us and fresh berries and rhubarbs aplenty, here's a quick pound cake recipe to go along with these delicious spring treats!

Fast Pound Cake

1 Cake Mix (with pudding)
1 C Flour
1 C Sour Cream
1 C Milk
4 Eggs
3/4 C sugar
1/2 tsp each Vanilla, Almond, and Lemon Extract

Put all in large bowl and beat for 2 minutes; pour into prepared pound cake pan; bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Cool 5 minutes in pan. Serve with sweetened fruit and dollup of freshly whipped cream. (If you choose to bake it in a 9x13 pan, check it in about 30-35 minutes.)

100 Reviews Today on TeaMap!

We just hit 100 Reviews today on TeaMap...a personal goal for Miss Spenser's, thank you to all our wonderful tea friends for making this possible! TeaMap is a nationwide directory which lists tea rooms all over the nation. Guest can leave a review of their experience on-line; after one year, the reviews fall off...so it is an on-going process in collecting the reviews. It is our understanding, that you can leave a review every 3-6 months, so if you haven't left one for awhile, feel free to do so! Again, thank you tea friends for taking the time to leave a review...even if it's just for today, we are celebrating the 100th Review Rating and raising a cup of tea to you!! We appreciate your loyalty!!

Down on the Farm

It is definitely Spring here on the Farm...our small beef herd is beginning calving season...I went on a pasture walk one evening this past week with Farmer Don to check on the cows. It was one of those perfect Spring evenings...the sun was big and orange in the Western sky, the birds were singing their last songs for the day, the temperature was "just right." As the cows are not used to having me out there in the fields, they were all a bit curious. We were just standing there for a few minutes, when a few of them came up near me to investigate...

This little white one was the bravest...planting her feet firmly a foot or so away from me...she reached her neck as far as she could without moving...I extended my hand to touch her nose knowing if I made one step closer, she'd take off in a second. It was the cutest scene when my fingertips and her nose met...it was actually quite startling to her, causing her to jump up in the air and take off! I had never imagined that my touch might be electrifying...but apparently it was! If you look real close, I'm pretty sure she puts bobby-pin curls in at night! 

Happy Spring Day!

Changes...Good Changes...but Changes all the Same

Yesterday was a new day...a happy day...and yet with the changes, I found myself a little surprised when a feeling of homesickness passed over me! After nearly 40 weeks of searching for work, my hubby, Spenser's Dad, was blessed to have found a great full-time position with Farm Bureau in the Finance Department, and because of that, we are truly blessed, especially with the current economic situation. However, as I spotted the little rose teapot on the kitchen hutch, I couldn't help but feel a little bit of achiness in my heart! You see, this little teapot was filled nearly every morning with Don's favorite... Hazlenut tea with a bit of milk and sugar. Now it quietly sits back on the shelf...strange how emotions work...can anyone relate?!

We've been Awarded!

We were honored to have received this lovely friendship award from our tea friend, Bernideen. Bernideen has a lovely tea shop in Old Historic Colorado Springs...it's on our 'bucket' list! Thank you Bernideen...we count it an honor and privilege to call you friend!

Pictures from our Mary Poppins Tea

Enjoy a sampling of our tea treats from our Mary Poppins Tea hosted on April 10th, 2010!  It was truly a 'Jolly Holiday' with Mary!  Seats are still available for our April 24th Tea...call today!

New Direction Signs

We have now have some beautiful signs directing our tea guests to our facility...
So be watching for the signs along the highway!
Do you like???

Happy Dancing - Won't you Join Us??

For those of you who have been following us this past year...you will recall that my sweet husband, Don, had been laid off last April. What a roller coaster ride this has been for us...and I am sure, there are probably others out there who have experienced the same thing...with that thought in mind...Keep up the faith and the hope..."all things DO work together for good." We are doing the "Happy Dance" here this week...Don has just accepted a position at Farm Bureau in their Finance Department...he will begin April 19...naturally, before my charter bus groups come! Isn't that how life works?! We are rejoicing anyway!! Thanks to all our faithful tea friends who have supported us this past year...you have blessed our entire family and we appreciate each of you!! Off to do some work...have a big weekend ahead of us!!

Sprucing Up/Spring Cleaning

Ahh...the joys of Spring...and with that comes, Spring Cleaning!! Here this week we've been doing our own bit of Spring cleaning. As a former city girl...I have learned that on a farm, work is never done...It's been a trying process for me...because I am not a very patient person, and I want everything all nice and tidy...As you will notice when you visit our place, there is work that 'has been done' and, unfortunately, work that 'needs to be done!' We are excited though... this past week new rock was laid on the drive...
We hope that you are "digging" into your Spring projects too, but also hoping you can take some time off and visit us here for a cup of tea!

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