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A Special Birthday Party: A Trinky Celebration

This past month, we had the privilege of hosting a 90th Birthday Celebration for a very special lady – Mildred Thomas – better known as Trinky. When asking her how she got the nickname Trinky, she said she wasn’t sure, her grandfather gave it to her, and it has stuck now, some 90 years later!! A little funny trivia about Trinky and her birthday: Growing up, her family celebrated her birthday on June 16. It wasn’t until she was filing for her passport, that she discovered her “real” birthday is June 17. How funny is that?! We met Trinky at the very FIRST tea party we ever hosted as Miss Spenser’s Special-Teas. They had hired us for their Tea Guild get together and it was to be hosted in Trinky’s home. She greeted us at the door with that ever-present smile and twinkly eye…unbeknownst to her, she was our first customer; naturally, we were a bit nervous, but her graciousness and gentle spirit calmed us immediately!! We are posting several pictures from the day, some

Hightlights from our Black Beauty Tea

“No hour is lost that is spent in the saddle.”  – Winston Churchill This past weekend we hosted our Literary Tea Party – Black Beauty. What a wonderful turn out we had on both days, thank you to all for coming out! We were grateful that the weather cooperated so all of our guests were able to meet, greet and get their picture taken with our “Beauty,” a/k/a Mr. Darcy. (smiles) Our Black Beauty and Joe (Photo Credit: Wendi Taylor)  Black Beauty is a timeless classic, that has nuzzled its way into the hearts of our childhood memories and its lessons of compassion and kindness are something we carry with us like sugar cubes in our pockets throughout our adult years. Just like people, horses respond best to kindness. Horses, even though they are such big animals, are quite sensitive. They usually respond well to whispers and gentle touches. When properly trained, horses will do many different tasks at the slightest touch.  "The horse has so docile a natu

Excuse our silence, but we've been busy!

Excuse our silence!! So much has happened since our wonderful Mom/Daughter/Sisters/Aunt/Nieces outing in Ohio!! We returned to several full bus visits, two large Downton Abbey Teas and other tea events sprinkled through out the month of May. Whew…on top of all this, we were thrilled to have The Des Moines Register come and do a feature on the tearoom, that was fun! However, we never anticipated the influx of phone calls and reservations from the article!! I told Miss Spenser when I (Donna) was cleaning the other day that I felt like the little old woman in the shoe…she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do?! That’s how it’s been with all the phone calls…we are grateful though…but please be patient with us as we “recalculate” and try our best to accommodate each of you!! We've had several sweet tea days of late... we've had mom's celebrating end of school, an Ames book club, mother/daughter birthday celebrating their birthday - which happens to be on