Teacup Thursday: "Flower Fairies of Autumn"

Well, this past Monday (September 27th) was my 21st birthday! And as you all know, my mom started a tradition back when I was 14 years old 'a teacup every birthday!' Well, this year I was lucky and received two!! They are both very pretty and I'm excited to share them with you!

The first one here is a cute 'Flower Fairies of Autumn' Teacup artwork by Cicely Mary Barker. I've always loved her artwork and Autumn is my favorite time of year so I was thrilled when I received this sweet teacup!  Apparently it's one in a series of four by Queen's. I tried googling the other seasons but couldn't find any, so if you happen know of where to I can purchase Spring, Summer or Winter please let me know! I think it would be fun to collect all four!

The Song of the White Bryony Fairy
Have you seen at Autumn-time
Fairy-folk adorning
All the hedge with necklaces,
Early in the morning?
Green beads and red beads
Threaded on a vine:
Is there any handiwork
Prettier than mine?

The Song of the Acorn Fairy
To English folk the mighty oak
Is England's noblest tree;
Its hard-grained wood is strong and good
As English hearts can be.
And would you know how oak-trees grow,
The secret may be told:
You do but need to plant for seed
One acorn in the mould;
For even so, long years ago,
Were born the oaks of old.

Be sure to visit us next week to see my other pretty teacup!
If you'd like to join us for Teacup Thursday email me here and I'll be sure to link your blog on ours!

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Life on the Farm: New Pond #4

They are finally here!! The pictures of the completed pond!!
 Adding some more rocks to the bottom of the pond!
(Chase is on his knees... no worries, it's not that deep!)

Uncle Steven brought some fish for our pond!

Time to Add the Fish!

The Fishy's like their new home!

Look at our hard working team!

Thanks for joining us every week to view the progress of our new pond!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  

The Mad-Hatter Enjoying Afternoon Tea Video

Here's a link to a funny video that Chase and Zach made. Chase is working on his video/media skills and begged Zach to play the mad-hatter! Looks like Mad-Hatter need to come to our Duchess of Bedford Tea to learn some manners!

Recipe ~ Betty's Apple Cake

Betty's Apple Cake
This delicious recipe comes from
our Cookbook, Vol. 1

Betty is our country neighbor; she reminds me so much of my Grandma Cherryholmes. Miss Spenser and I met her the first year we moved to the country at "Birthday Club." This club has been around for years. The ladies in the community get together once a month in different member's homes and enjoy a simple lunch with dessert and a little Bingo.
2 C Brown Sugar

1/2 C Margarine, Room Temperature
2 Eggs
2 C Flour
1 tsp. Salt
1 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
1/2 tsp. Nutmeg
1/2 C Walnuts
3 C Apples, Finely Chopped

Oven 350 degrees, grease and flour a 9x13 pan. Beat sugar, margarine and eggs until fluffy. Sift together the dry ingredients; gently incorporate into the wet mixture. Stir in the apples and walnuts, pour into pan. Bake for 30 minutes or until pick comes out clean.


1 C Brown Sugar
1 Stick Margarine
1/2 C Evaporated Milk
1 tsp. Vanilla
1/2 C Coconut

Bring to a boil the first 3 ingredients to soft stage, add vanilla and coconut. Pour on slightly warm cake.

Highlights from Teatime with Miss Potter

For the month of September our theme was "Teatime with Miss Potter". We think everyone enjoyed getting to know more about Beatrix Potter, the beloved children's author of Peter Rabbit and friends.

 Here are some food highlights from our Beatrix Potter Tea:

Hope you enjoyed them!

Teacup Thursday: "Lady Carlyle"

Teacup Thursday: "Lady Carlyle" by Miss Spenser
I’ve always admired Royal Albert China. One of my favorite patterns is: “Lady Carlyle” as pink is my favorite color. Earlier this year I found a set for sale online in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! It was a four – 5 piece place setting and included a teapot!

I thought it would be a perfect addiction to my future home someday… Since my Grandparents live there, I begged my Grandpa Cherryholmes to go pick them up for me! Of course, he said yes, but he teased he'd have to charge a "pick-up service fee".

Well, my sweet Grandpa did drive across town and pick the set up for me! After calling and teasing again by saying that "he had broken a few pieces"… he said that the set was really pretty and he thought it looked “very Spenser-like”!

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Life on the Farm: New Pond #3

More Picture Highlights of our New Pond:
Here comes the WATER!!

Lining the Bottom with Rocks...

Rocks, Rocks... and more Rocks!
Hey is it just me, or does it look like Uncle Steven is doing all the work... again???

Stacking the Rocks for the Waterfall!!

Stay tuned for next week to see the finished product!!

To view previous episodes:

Teacup Thursday: "Johnson Brother Mystery"

Mom and I love Johnson Brothers China... when we're in antique stores we naturally gravitate towards china that's made by Johnson Bros without even knowing 'who' made the china. Well, with this teacup, it was no different. The only problem was that this pretty little cup didn't have a saucer or a pattern name on the bottom of the teacup.  We later found ths saucer, "Dorchester by Johnson Bros."  that compliments this teacup but it is not its "soulmate".  So we have a question for you: "Does anyone recognize this pattern???"

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Life on the Farm: New Pond #2

Here's some more picture updates on our Pond! Enjoy!
Measuring the big hole!

Laying out the Black Tarp

Measure Twice Cut Once!

"Huh??? What are we suppose to be doing??"
(Do these guys look related or what!?)

"See this is how you do it!"
Fitting the Tarp in the Hole...

More Pictures to come next week so stay tuned!

Past Entries on the Pond:
New Entries:

Look what we found on our Nature Walk

We hope you don't mind us sharing the "happenings" here on the farm!! It seems there is always something new to be discovered!! Why, in fact, just the other day, while out for a walk, we spotted our own "dinosaur!!" No kidding...take a look for yourself!!

Well, of course, you need a bit of imagination...kinda like a day when you're lying on a blanket and looking up at the big fluffy clouds...But don't you agree, this looks like one of those long neck dinosaurs from our prehistoric past?! (SMILES) We are calling him our "Tea-Saurus;" see, he's eating his green leaves!!
Enjoy our bit of whimsy and fun today!!

Teacup Thursday: "Peter Rabbit Tea~Mug"

This week we’ve been busy with preparations for our Beatrix Potter programs being held this Friday and Saturday. So, we thought it would be lovely to share with you our cute “Peter Rabbit Teamug”.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this beloved children’s story that was published in 1901…
The tale of Peter Rabbit begins with Mrs. Rabbit telling Peter and his sisters to go pick blackberries for supper, but do not go into Mr. McGregor’s Garden as their father had an accident there and was made into rabbit pie! However, Peter doesn’t obey his mother and sneaks off into Mr. McGregor’s Garden. Where he eats carrots, radishes, and other vegetables to his heart’s content. Peter is quite enjoying himself until, who should he meet... but Mr. McGregor himself! Peter then must flee for his life and in the process loses his blue jack and shoes! After losing his way in the garden he finally finds the way out and returns to his mother. She puts the naughty Peter to bed with a hot cup of chamomile tea while his sisters enjoy bread, milk and blackberries for supper.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Teacup Thursday! Join us again next week!

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Life on the Farm: New Pond

In honor of Labor Day - we are sharing with you some pictures of "labor" that went on this past month here at the tea room. Miss Spenser and I had this brilliant idea of having a little water pond...it went from "little" to a much bigger pond as the guys got involved...but it is turning out so neat! We will be blogging over the next few weeks on the various stages that went into creating this special landscape project.

Miss Spenser's Uncle Steven came from Center Points, Iowa (3 hours away) to supervise! He has created a couple of different landscape ponds, so we convinced him to come...of course the pay was in "tea," kinda like the ancient days, huh?!

Site Location of New Pond!

Let the Digging Begin!

Hmm... I thought Uncle Steven was suppose to be 'supervising'??? Looks like he's working harder than the rest of the guys!

Decisions, decisions...

And More Decisions!!

Join us Next week for more progress pictures on our new pond!

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend with family and friends...one of those last holidays before we move into Fall season.

Click the following links to see more progress:

Teacup Thursday: "Haviland & Co. Limoge ~ France"

Look what Grandma found?! Spenser's grandparents are always on the lookout for the perfect teacup!! Grandma found this one at a tag sale earlier this summer...this is a Haviland and Co. Limoge - France...isn't it pretty?!

Miss Spenser says tea from this cup tastes so much better than a regular cup!! I think you would have to agree!

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