June Roses and Victorian Weddings

June has been known for centuries to be the "perfect" month to marry. The Victorians believed that June was the "perfect" month as the month of June was named after "Juno," the Roman goddess of marriage, who, if you wed during her month, would bring prosperity and happiness to the couple. For a Victorian girl, her wedding day was one of the most important events in her life...her mother had generally began preparing for it from the moment she was born...for you see, the Victorian girl had no other ambition, but to marry, make a home and become a mother...what a noble thought!

I particularly love reading the section about Meg's wedding in "Little Women," it's just the sweetest story, and of course, Meg was married in June...

"The June roses over the porch were awake bright and early on that morning, rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine, like friendly little neighbors, as they were. Quite flushed with excitement were their ruddy faces, as they swung in the wind, whispering to another what they had seen, for some peeped in at the dining room windows where the feast was spread, some climbed up to nod and smile at the sisters as they dressed the bride, others waved a welcome to those who came and went on various errands in garden, porch and hall, and all, from the rosiest full-blown flower to the palest baby bud, offered their tribute of beauty and fragrance to the gentle mistress who had loved and tended them so long."

With this said, we are paring down on our collection of vintage clothing and we have a special Victorian/Reproduction Wedding gown we are offering for sale. This beautiful 1890 gown is entirely handmade of Ivory Silk Shantung, featuring an exquisite, "antique" rose point lace Bertha collar. This "authentic" lace collar rests over the entire bodice and shoulders and closes in the back with tiny crochet buttons. The close fitting sleeves are finished with deep cuffs of delicate "antique" lace. The skirt skims the body and another long panel of "antique" lace adorns the front.

This special bridal gown incorporates a bit of the past with the lovely antique lacings and a bit of the future with the beautiful ivory silk. The size on this gown is a generous Size 12, and possibly, a size 14. This gown can be yours for only $400, please call 641-342-1547 or e-mail if you are interested.


  1. What a pretty gown. I hope it finds a happy home.

  2. This antique wedding dress is gorgeous. At that price I'm sure it won't last long. Praying the perfect bride stumbles upon it and treasures it always.


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