Paris Day 2

Day 2 in Paris! Saw a bunch of major sites! It was all very exciting and now I'm relaxing in our hotel room and putting my feet up! Lots of walking! Enjoy the photos! 
Arc de Triomphe

I'm in love with these cream colored houses and their red flowers! They look so much fun to paint! This is only one of the many (and I do mean many) photos I took of these types of houses! 

 First glimpse of the Eiffel Tower

Hard to believe it was real! After only seeing it in photos all my life and to be standing in front of it was pretty amazing!

I once photoshopped the Eiffel Tower into one of the backs of my photos, but today, I didn't have to! 


Another view of Champs-Élysées

Tuileries Garden

Love Lock Bridge

My first real French Crepe! 

Chocolate filled crepe! Amazing!

It was so amazing, I had to have another one! So I bought another one down the street!

These two look like they are having a romantic dinner. 

Night life in Paris! 

First Day in Paris

Bonjour Tea Friends! I arrived in Paris yesterday and wanted to share some photos with you of my first day! 

On our way! Left Dortmund around 6 am in the morning. Going to travel by bus! The ride was comfy and I slept almost the whole way! *smiles*

First sign for Paris! Oh La La! 

Paris welcomes you! 

Paris! The Seine! 

Streets of Paris! I love the trees that are planted along the road! 

Galeries Lafayette ~ Famous shopping mall! Very expensive but fun to look inside. 

Lines and lines of people waiting to be let inside expensive stores like Prada. If you don't look wealthy, they won't let you in!

The center of Galeries Layette! 

Isn't that gorgeous! 

Real French Macaroons! So yummy!! I've had them before in the states, but these were unbelievable! 

La Louvre! 

Crossing the Seine... to you see something tall on the skyline? Hint it starts with an "E"... we shall see that on our second day!! 

Notre Dame! 

My friend, Kaya and I outside Notre Dame! 

Au Revoir for now! 

True Friendship Never Fades…

True friendship never fades, but shines in life’s different seasons. Neighbors come into our lives, some move away, some stay, some wave, and then there are a few who become true friends… When you develop such a strong friendships that last 25 years, it is amazing. ~ Cynde Vits 7/21/14

We had the privilege of having old friends over for dinner this past weekend…I was going to blog on this, but Cynde beat me to it and penned these eloquent words above on her Facebook page; I couldn’t have said it any better.

We became friends in our Iowa City days…Cynde and Charlie shared in the joys when Don and I brought Miss Spenser into the world. We both moved on with jobs in the 1990’s – us to California and then back to Iowa 6 years later and the Vits to Michigan and then on to Indiana. Over the years, we have stayed in touch, Cynde and Charlie visiting us twice while in California and then we visited their lovely home in Indiana when Grayson was a few months old. Charlie and Cynde are the kind of friends that when you meet again, it seems like no time has passed! I like what Cynde said about this: 

"Although we had not seen one another in years, it seemed as if we had just walked across the field to have 'tea'."

We wanted to treat Cynde to a “tea-like” luncheon – so we served brunch with quiche and tea sandwiches. We had fun hosting the meal in the tearoom.

It was Charlie’s birthday – won’t say what number…but had to celebrate with chocolate cake of course! Oops, we forgot to get a picture of it before we dug in…it was yummy!

What a special day…I reveled in the afterglow of all the table talk on Monday, it left me feeling a bit melancholy, but also grateful to God for the lasting friendship!! Hopefully, we won’t let so much time go by before we meet again! Enjoy the photos!

Tea Friends go to Downton, Highclere Castle

In May, a couple of our regular tea friends traveled with Iowa Public Television to England…one of their stops was Highclere Castle, the home of Downton Abbey. 

Here is Shirley, on the left, and Judy on the right. 

Can you find them in this picture? 

At last month’s tea event, you can imagine our excitement and JOY when the two of them told us that our teas are better than “Downton” teas!! They told us they love our variety and offerings…naturally, we were very happy and asked if we could broadcast this great news…and they graciously agreed!! 

If you feel this way too…why not leave us a review on…this is a very helpful way to let others know who we are and what we do. Thank you in advance!!

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