Teacup Thursday: Celebrating Friendship

Happy Teacup Thursday!! Celebrating Friendship this Thursday! I'm here in California visiting my childhood friend who I shared about in this post about month ago!

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world." 
 ~Leo Buscaglia 

"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be."
 ~Douglas Pagels

Do you have a special Friend? We'd love to hear about them! Share in a comment below!  Until Next Time! ~Miss Spenser

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Teacup Thursday: A Blue Teapot Treasure

We've just graduated another kiddo through Driver's Ed!! What a feat!! Driving into town 2x a day (a 20 minute drive, one way, not to mention road construction!!) One day, after the pick up, I hopped into my friend's shop on the square in Indianola...what a special surprise awaited!! 

 Isn't this a lovely teapot??! 

Beth & Dennette
 Beth and Dennette's shop, Burlap & Roses, is on the square in Indianola and is filled with all kinds of fun things...if you haven't had a chance to stop in, you must...of course, after you've had tea at Miss Spenser's!! (SMILES). 
Burlap & Roses ~ South/East corner of Indianola Square
If you find something you like, don't leave it there...chances are, it won't be there when you return!  Thanks Beth and Dennette for the great find!

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Teacup Thursday: Modern Violets

In closing our Violet Theme series... here's what the violet means to us today! In this modern age, violets are often seen as house plants... but the represent family and marriage. In wedding bouquets they are a symbolism of promise and faithfulness. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading about violets and their hidden flower language! Happy Teatime! ~Miss Spenser

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Teacup Thursday: Violets and Meanings

To Continue our "Violet" Flower theme... this week I'm going to share with you the violet's symbolism in Christianity. Violets are a symbol of modesty according to Women for Faith and Family. They are also associated with Mary. One tale tells that all violets were originally white, but after watching Mary's grief and despair over son suffering on the cross, the violets turned themselves purple as a symbol of her mourning.  

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