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Royal Baby: First Photos

So excited about the picture of the new little Prince! I thought I'd make a collection of photos for you to enjoy as well! Photo Credit: PA The Proud Grandparents    Photo Credit: Georgina Brewer And Now... the moment we've all been waiting for...  (drum roll please!)    Photo Credit: PA His Royal Highness... The Little Prince He's greeting by the whole world !  Photo Credit: PA Photo Credit: PA Photo Credit: PA Photo Credit: PA Photo Credit: PA  First Close-up of the Little Prince!  Photo Credit: PA When asked who does he look like, Prince William replies, "He's got her looks luckily!" To which Kate just giggled and said "No!"  Proud Daddy, William says they are still deciding on a name...  but one thing is for sure, he has a big pair of lungs!  Photo Credit: PA Prince William said, "Thank goodness he has more hair than me!" Kate looks like a Na

Royal Baby: A Prince has been Born!

What an exciting Monday!! We awoke to the wonderful news that Duchess Kate was in labor! Then around noon, we received a phone call from Sue Danielson from WHO Radio 1040 am for an impromptu interview about the Royal Bundle and why we thought everyone was so excited for it!!  We believe it's because it is history happening right now! This is the future heir to the throne! We also believe it's because Diana was the People's Princess and now her sons are the People's Princes! They have so much of their mother in them!  Then a few hours later, the official news... A Prince had been born!! 8 lb. 6 oz! So exciting, it's just like a fairytale!! Last I heard, both mother and son were doing well! So delighted for them! Can't wait to hear what they are going to name him!  We made Ice Tea Lattes to celebrate and ate little animals crackers in honor of the baby's birth! 

Bed and Breakfast Guests: Secrets to a Happy Marriage

This past week we had the cutest farm couple come and stay at the B&B to celebrate their anniversary – Henry and Ruth.   Guess how many happy years this married couple has been together?! 55!!   Isn’t that wonderful?!    They have four children, 19 grand children and expecting their 11th great grandchild any day now!!   What a legacy!! Henry surprised Ruth this week by calling and making all of the arrangements…how special is that?!   Apparently, Ruth had mentioned she’d like to stay at a B&B, so Henry did his homework!!   He felt very comfortable here in our farm setting (smiles). At breakfast we asked them secrets to a happy, long marriage – here’s what they shared: First, the Lord has always been the central focus of their marriage; has helped to keep them balanced. Secondly, doing little things for one another, whether it’s a surprised bouquet of wildflowers after haying all day; to riding in the tractor with hubby to help pass ti

Royal Baby Facts

Royal Baby commemorative item for sale The Royal Baby has everyone around the world excited! We all can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! It is one of the most anticipated births of the decade!  The word is, that Prince William is absolutely thrilled about becoming a dad! He is determined to be a 'hands-on father' (Doesn't he sound like his mother!) According to one of his friends, he's been watching a lot of "Nappy-Changing" videos on YouTube. Prince Harry thinks it's hysterical and can't stop making fun of him (in a good way!) Prince William also likes to sing to Kate's baby bump!  Fun Royal Baby Facts:   The first to know about the royal baby will be Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron and the governors general of each of the Commonwealth nations, along with the rest of the royal and Middleton families.  If the baby arrives in the middle of the night, it's unlikely the queen will be awoken, so t

Happy Independence Day!

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.   ~Benjamin Franklin Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Birthday to Princess Diana!

Today would have marked Princess Diana's 52nd birthday! She was a remarkable woman with a big heart and a lot of love for people! Her ability to love people has passed on to her two sons, William and Harry.  England's Rose, The People's Princess, will be forever missed! Happy Birthday Princess!