Worker in Training

We couldn't resist posting a bit on our "worker in training." This past weekend, Grayson our 8 year old, was in charge of collecting the linens and spraying them down. We gave him a bottle of Resolve “Spray -n- Wash” and told him to go over each napkin, spraying down any stains. Being a boy, naturally, he was eager to do anything with a "trigger," it must have felt like a squirt gun to him!

He did a great job... however, he must have been “Trigger-Happy” as he used almost the entire bottle on 40 napkins! ha... In astonishment over the fact that the bottle was nearly empty, I asked him why he used so much??? He responded..."Well, I wanted to do a good job..."

What could one say to a response like that?!

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  1. Don't tell him I said this, but he's adorable. I miss him when he's not greeting us at the door.


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