Overcoming a Childhood Fear

I am sure many of you have stories of childhood fears…mine (Donna) was the pressure cooker!! I grew up in a family of 8 kids…the dinner hour was always a sacred time, so many happy memories have been shared around the dinner table. However one particular day, back in the 1970's, all the kids were seated in our mom’s fancy avocado green kitchen in our very fashionable booth-like table . Our littlest brother was situated in his highchair at the end where our parents sat. Mom was just finishing up some vegetables in the pressure cooker when something malfunctioned -- our dad started hollering for us kids to "get out of the kitchen!!" Can you imagine 7 panicked kids trying to get out of that fashionable “booth” seating all at the same time?! In looking back, I am sure it was pretty hysterical!! All the while, Dad picking up our little brother in his high chair and hoisting him “high chair and all” down the hallway!! Thankfully, everything turned out just fine…and I am not really sure what happened with the pressure cooker, but from that moment on,  I knew I never wanted to use one.

So what does my mom do??? She gives me a pressure cooker for Christmas about 10 years ago. "Wow, thanks Mom! Just what I've always wanted!" (NOT! ha-ha) I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was scared of it…so it sat on a basement shelf ever since!

When my parents came for a visit this past weekend… I decided it was time to conquer that childhood fear and asked my mom to give me a Pressure Cooker 101 Course!! I am happy to say that I passed with flying colors...and I am no longer scared of this contraption!! Thinking now how wonderful it will be to use for chicken salads!!

Here’s a picture of my shiney new, 10 year old, cooker!!


A Tasha Tudor Surprise in the Mail

Yesterday was Tasha Tudor's Birthday! In honor of her, a friend sent us this lovely spread of Tasha Trinkets ~ Tea, Cookie Cutters, Candies, Tasha Artwork all packaged in lovely Tasha Tudor Fabric!! What a pleasant surprise is was to get this in the mail! Thank you so much Linda, you are too kind!!

Who is Tasha Tudor?
Learn more about HERE

Teacup Thrusday: Friendly Village

The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose. ~George Gissing

I couldn’t agree more with this quote!! Have you ever heard the clink of teacups or watched the steam rise off a cup if tea in a movie and suddenly felt the need for a cup of tea!!

This is a popular teacup we see in some of our favorite British TV series… “Friendly Village” by Johnson Brothers

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Teacup Thursday!

Teacup Thrusday: Roses by Johnson Brothers

This Teacup is made by the lovely Johnson Brothers. We had a Garden Tea Party last weekend and set a table with these lovely teacup. Below are some snapshots of what we served:

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Teacup Thursday!

Teacup Thursday: Indian Tree Print

This is an Indian Tree teacup made in Japan… I know there are England China companies who also print this pattern. I sure would love to have one of those, but until then I’ll just enjoy my copy-cat version!

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Teacup Thursday!

Teacup Thursday: Strawberry Kisses...

Look at these cute mugs that we just picked up!!  I love strawberries!! When I was a little girl my favorite dessert was Strawberry Shortcake! We lived in California at the time, so you could buy strawberries straight from the field! They are heavenly... there's nothing like California Strawberries!! MmmmMMmm!!

Perfect for a cup of Strawberry Tea don't you think!
What's your favorite way to eat Strawberries?

Happily Ever After...

I'm the Lucky One!!

30 years ago today, I became the wife of Don Hardin…I recall waking that morning feeling so happy…so excited to embark on my new life/journey. Today…30 years later, I found myself waking with that same happy feeling, but perhaps with a deeper sense of happiness and love!

We already took our 7 day road trip in June, however, Don surprised me and took the day off so we could spend it together! We plan on visiting a few garden shops, lunching out, and maybe dinner…if I can stay away from the kiddos that long…(smiles)…I always enjoy sharing holidays and joyous occasions with them too!

Thank you for allowing me to share my anniversary with you…do you recognize this couple…here we are on our wedding day…

And…today, 30 years later…“Happily Ever After…”

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