Changes...Good Changes...but Changes all the Same

Yesterday was a new day...a happy day...and yet with the changes, I found myself a little surprised when a feeling of homesickness passed over me! After nearly 40 weeks of searching for work, my hubby, Spenser's Dad, was blessed to have found a great full-time position with Farm Bureau in the Finance Department, and because of that, we are truly blessed, especially with the current economic situation. However, as I spotted the little rose teapot on the kitchen hutch, I couldn't help but feel a little bit of achiness in my heart! You see, this little teapot was filled nearly every morning with Don's favorite... Hazlenut tea with a bit of milk and sugar. Now it quietly sits back on the shelf...strange how emotions work...can anyone relate?!


  1. We'll miss Don at Thursday's tea, but I am SO happy he has a full-time position.

  2. Oh yes, I can relate. Can you have tea earlier in the morning before he leaves? Or maybe when he first arrives home?

    Tim was called this morning for his first day of work in 2 1/2 years. He was terrified.

  3. Oh that music - where have I heard it - some movie- very melancholy - this will drive me crazy - where have I heard this?

  4. What a sweet memory this adorable teapot holds. It's amazing how having tea is always more than just drinking the tea.


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