Down on the Farm

It is definitely Spring here on the Farm...our small beef herd is beginning calving season...I went on a pasture walk one evening this past week with Farmer Don to check on the cows. It was one of those perfect Spring evenings...the sun was big and orange in the Western sky, the birds were singing their last songs for the day, the temperature was "just right." As the cows are not used to having me out there in the fields, they were all a bit curious. We were just standing there for a few minutes, when a few of them came up near me to investigate...

This little white one was the bravest...planting her feet firmly a foot or so away from me...she reached her neck as far as she could without moving...I extended my hand to touch her nose knowing if I made one step closer, she'd take off in a second. It was the cutest scene when my fingertips and her nose was actually quite startling to her, causing her to jump up in the air and take off! I had never imagined that my touch might be electrifying...but apparently it was! If you look real close, I'm pretty sure she puts bobby-pin curls in at night! 

Happy Spring Day!


  1. How sweet! When I was a kid my cousins and I would try to ride these sweet cows. We never stayed on for long.

  2. YOU have cows!!? That's so AWESOME!!!!!


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