Happy Dancing - Won't you Join Us??

For those of you who have been following us this past year...you will recall that my sweet husband, Don, had been laid off last April. What a roller coaster ride this has been for us...and I am sure, there are probably others out there who have experienced the same thing...with that thought in mind...Keep up the faith and the hope..."all things DO work together for good." We are doing the "Happy Dance" here this week...Don has just accepted a position at Farm Bureau in their Finance Department...he will begin April 19...naturally, before my charter bus groups come! Isn't that how life works?! We are rejoicing anyway!! Thanks to all our faithful tea friends who have supported us this past year...you have blessed our entire family and we appreciate each of you!! Off to do some work...have a big weekend ahead of us!!


  1. So excited for you and your family! Congratulations! What a burden has been lifted.
    Now if my unemployed son will just called to come in and start his temp job. It should be any day.


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