Teacup Thursday: Lady Sylvia

“There is always a great deal of poetry
and fine sentiment in a chest of tea”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think this teacup here speaks of sophistication and elegance… It’s made by Elizabethan. It's name is “Lady Sylvia” and is from their Anniversary Rose Series. I wonder what the other teacups look like in the series!? Do any of you own one?  

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  1. Lady Sylvia suits her perfectly doesn't it? Such an elegant shape!

    Jem xXx

  2. Such a pretty teacup! I have one Elizabethan teacup but there is little info on it.


  3. Beautiful...soft and muted colors. Very feminine! Thanks for sharing & hosting!

  4. A beautiful teacup. I always love seeing the flowers on the inside and this one is generously embellished.

  5. I wonder what the other teacups look like in the series!? Do any of you own one?

    I do. It's a coffee mug, is striking different from the cup, and is preferable to me in both function and appearance.

    Alas, while washing dishes I dropped it when moving it to the rinse pan, it hit a dish and developed a hairline crack. I used it for about a year before it developed a bigger crack and stared to leak.

    I started looking for a replacement right away, as I knew it wouldn't last, and I'm still looking. Amazon, eBay, and other online searches.

    Google, ever the eager-beaver listed your blog as soon at I entered +elizabethan +"lady sylvia".

    I'll dig out my old digital camera and post an image if it's working.

    Jack Grant

  6. Aargh. striking => strikingly.
    stared => started.


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