Meet our Artist Tea Friends!

Meet our artist tea friend ~ John Preston. We had the pleasure of meeting John and his wife, Cindy, at our "Out of Africa Tea" in 2008. Of course, John did not know that Spenser had been praying for God to help her find a watercolor artist to mentor her... amazingly (as God always does) he brought the artist straight to us!

We have been blessed the past couple of years getting to know John and Cindy!! Cindy with her great New York accent has also lent her services with as an 'accent' coach for one of our skits! Thanks Cindy!

A couple of weeks ago we had the great privilege of a sneak peek to John's most recent commissions... 2 Oil Murals for the Federal Land Bank in Chicago. The two murals depicted Iowa in the Summer Season ~ they were so "life-like" and "life-sized" you could almost walk right in them! With temps around 10 degrees and snow on the ground it was very tempting!
We hope you enjoy these works! As you can see, John is extremely talented! John and Cindy actually gifted our family one of his paintings for the tearoom - we feel so blessed! Be sure to take a peak at it the next time your here! We hope to have him speak at a tea event one day!

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  1. Those are absolutely beautiful! Can you post a photo of the gift for those who can't visit? Very restful and grace-ful paintings. Thanks so much for sharing.


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