Life on the Farm: Grayson's Igloo

It's nice to know "Someone" enjoy's the snow!

Grayson in the entrance of his New Snow Igloo!

He built it himself and says it's nice and warm inside!
I wonder if Eskimo's drink tea?


  1. What fun! Years ago in Kansas we had snow like this and my husband made a slide tunnel through the snow for our little son. This reminds me of that. I think Eskimo's would like some tea or maybe hot chocolate.

  2. Grayson did a great job! I remember making one with my brother, long, long ago!
    Wouldn't it be fun to take tea inside of an igloo. :-)

  3. He looks like he having a blast! Our AJ is out sledding with a friend right now! Boys will be boys!

  4. This igloo looks like so much fun! Cedar would love to play in there along side Grayson. Although we had frequent little snow storms, we didn't get anything that would allow us to create such a fun igloo.


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