Teacup Thursday: "Royal Minster"

Hello Tea Friends! This is the last Thursday in February... I've had fun sharing with you some of our rose teacups. I hope you've enjoyed them too! This one here is made by Royal Minster. Its delicate roses look so cheerful and hopeful, reminding me that Spring will be here soon!! What a lovely thought! I'm excited to see some green!! Speaking of Green, for the month of March that will be my theme - green teacups!! See you next week!

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  1. What a pretty design! Green will be fun for the next few weeks...more of a challenge than blue or pink!

  2. I love the shape and the moulding of this teacup, really pretty and unusual!

    Jem xXx

  3. Beautiful teacup,so sweet and lovely shape.Love the green idea,I'll be checking out my cupboards.

  4. That is a sweet teacup! I have one made by Royal Albert with those very same roses but a much different shape! Amazing how many teacups look the same but are so different. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


  5. Another very pretty cup. I will be curious to see if people can come up with green cups all month. They seem more difficult to find, but then maybe I don't look as much as some do.

  6. looking forward to your 'greens' ~ in keeping with St.Patrick's day too ")
    hoping you'll pop in for tea and a read of
    Ann with an 'e' book review. Goes well with your 'puffed sleeves' posts!


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