Gilbert the Cat's Exercise Routine

The big winter storm hit the Midwest on Monday, we have been snowed in for three days... and I think we have a case of Cabin Fever?! After reading this post you'll probably agree!!

This morning as my brother and I were out doing chores I noticed my kitty Gilbert was shivering and crying as he wandered through the snow... the poor little guy was so cold so I brought him inside to warm up. After some breakfast, he started being really silly for us, so I took some pictures. And now, I'll let him finish this post, as he's very excited to share with all you tea friends his daily exercise routine!

(Oh, and we believe that if Gilbert could talk, he'd have a European accent... judging by his little goatee, we think he might be French... so feel free to add a French accent while reading)
Today, I'd like to share with all of you my Daily Exercise Routine, it is bound to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!
Ready to Begin?? Start the Music!!

First take one arm and STRETCH!!!!!

Pull it back Slowly...

Relax... Breathe... and...


Again, Relax and Breathe...

Now the Other Side... And STRETCH!!!

Do Ten Sets of these...
Or Until Tired... ZzzZzz 

Thank you Gilbert for your expert advice!! haa-haa!!!
Hope you enjoyed our little bit of humor!
Until Next time... Drink Tea, Stay Warm and Safe during these Cold Winter Days! 


  1. This was hilarious, thanks for sharing it. Your cat is a gorgeous "Frenchman".

  2. I think I could do Gilbert's exercise routine. How fun~ Maybe he could come my way and teach my Joey a few tricks. Joey really needs to trim up a bit.

  3. Love this blog post - so adorable!


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