Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

This weekend we went up to visit my Grandpa for his 77th Birthday! Many of you have heard about my cute Grandpa Cherryholmes! He's the one that likes to go tag sales to find teacups for mom and I!

I think you'll all enjoy this story he recently told me about how he invited his neighbors over for afternoon tea. He said "We had loose-leaf Tea... and I served it in a teapot and teacups..." (Now, I'm sure my Grandma had a big part in this, but when Grandpa told me the story he gave her no credit! hee-hee)  He was so pleased with his teatime! And I was so proud of him! I told him that he is turning into a 'Proper English' Grandpa... and that instead of calling him "Grandpa" I should start calling him "Grand-dad" like the Brits would do!!  I do believe I have the best "Grand-dad" in the world!!

Here's a picture of my "Grand-dad" with all of us!


  1. Great photo! Thanks for sharing about Grandpa's afternoon tea party.

  2. Beautiful family !Happy Bday to grandpad!!
    thank for sharing this time.
    God Bless you and yours.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Grand-dad! How fun for him to have afternoon tea.

  4. How fun that your Grand-Dad had an afternoon tea for his neighbors, I bet they loved it. Great picture! Happy Birthday to your Dad.


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