Teatime wtih Mrs. Cratchit Photo Highlights

"Best off, Scrooge has learned to keep Christmas well, and if there was any man alive that possessed that knowledge, I'd have to say it was him, and may that truely be said of all of us!"

Well, this past weekend we hosted our Teatime with Mrs. Crachit Program. Here are picture highlights!!!

The trays are all ready to be served!  The Frozen Cranberry Salad (not pictured) was a big hit! Click here to view the recipe!

Guests Enjoying themselves!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!
Here at Miss Spenser's Special-Teas we wish you 
a Very Merry Christmas!!
And of course, as Tiny Tim would say, "God Bless Us, Everyone!"


  1. God Bless You and Merry Christmas to you also!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! The frozen cranberry salad recipe looks delicious!!!
    Warm hugs, Laura

  2. Absolutely gorgeous decorating and mouthwatering towers...must be time for a cuppa! Thanks for posting those!

  3. This looks wonderful! I wish I lived near enough to pop over for tea!

  4. Looks wonderful - do I recognize those Bernadotte 3 tiered trays and white plates? Ha1

  5. Awwww wish I was there too! I needed a tea-party today! Thanks for sharing!

  6. The tearoom looks so festive and the food amazing. How I would have loved sitting at your table and enjoy your delightful tea food.


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