"A Child's Christmas in Wales" Movie Review

This past week, our family has been enjoying Christmas movies! Every December, we go through our movie "closet" and locate all of the holiday movies. It seems with every year too, that we find one or two more to add to our collection. One of the movies we added this year was A Child's Christmas in Wales. I was familiar with the title as I knew there was a poem/short story written by Thomas Dylan, in fact, we even owned the book, however, I must confess, I had never taken the time to read it. Typically the rule around here is: "read the book first" and then watch the movie...but hey, it's Christmas, who has time, right?!

The movie was simply delightful, and I am only sorry that I have missed out on so many Christmases without it!! Not wanting you to feel that way too, we have highlighted this story for you in hopes you will have a chance to read the book or watch the DVD too.

Here's a brief synopsis: The movie will take you on a lyrical journey into the heart of an old man. A journey back to the magic and marvel of his boyhood years where no two moments were ever alike. On this special Christmas Eve, Old Geraint (Grandad) shares these heartwarming memories with his grandson, Thomas. In one evening Grandad does more than recall his cherished youth...he relieves it...and you will too as you listen and watch this delighful tale!!


  1. This sounds like a movie I would love to see. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. This movie sounds wonderful, I'll look for it and add it to our collection.


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