Peppermint Pig

An American Holiday Tradition Since Victorian Times! After the holiday dinner the solid peppermint pig was placed in a red pouch and passed amongst the dinner guests. Each person took a turn at giving the velvet pouch a firm tap with the small silver hammer while sharing a tale of the past year's good fortune. The Peppermint Pig went on to represent so much more as it was a symbol of good health, happiness and prosperity, enjoyed by all in hopes of prosperity for the coming year.

Make this Victorian Holiday Tradition one of your "new" family traditions! The combination pack includes a peppermint pig, nickel plated hammer, red velvet pouch, “Legend” storycard and instructions on how to break your Peppermint Pig. It is of course, gift boxed. The combination pack is truly the ideal gift for others; or the perfect way to open your family’s heart to this wonderful tradition of fun and sharing.

This 5" long and 8 oz. Peppermint Pig
is great for family gatherings. $20 plus tax.


  1. A pink peppermint pig! That's AWESOME! It's been so enjoyable having the time to visit your blog this morning. Have a very Merry Christmas my friend!


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