Gingerbread Advent House

Look what I found while I was out shopping the other day! Not that we need another thing to help us remember how many days there are until Christmas...Little Grayson (9), generally does a great job at that, but who could resist this sweet little advent Gingerbread House?!

Well, I couldn't...and so, yes, we have yet another little countdown method in our home! This sweet little house has all kinds of drawers and doors, one to open up every day until Christmas. Inside, you can tuck a little gift or piece of candy...Grayson informs me that as each day goes on, the boxes get a little bigger, so they can hold bigger treats!

We hope you enjoy this "little bit" of Christmas today!!! Let's see, only 8 days until Christmas!!


  1. I can see why Grayson would like this gingerbread house.

  2. I would not have been able to pass this cute cottage up either. What a find!

  3. Where oh where did you find this? My Danny NEEDS this! haha!


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