Last Tea Party before the Holiday Season

This past Saturday was our last tea party for this year...we typically close down from mid-December until February 1st. At Saturday's teatime, we had the opportunity to meet a special group of ladies...Grandma, Mom, and two daughters, Angela and Jennifer.
They have been having "Ladies Christmas Holiday Day Out" since 1986. In fact, Angela was only 1 month old on their first outing. 

Guests enjoyed a delicious four-course tea offering which included our special Cranberry Christmas Salad, Turkey/Cheese Croissant with Pear/ Cranberry Relish; Pimento Cheese on Rye; Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Sandwiches; Miss Spenser's Special Cucumber Sandwiches along with a tasty Artichoke Tart Savory. Traditional cream scones were served with lemon curd, strawberry jam and Clotted Cream imported from England. For desserts, Sherry Tea Cakes, Peppermint Brownie Bites and Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies. Delicious fragrant teas were served, Cinnamon Plum and Gingerbread.

The day turned out to be a bit cold and icy...but nothing was going to stop this four-some from having their Traditional Ladies Christmas Holiday Celebration!


  1. How sweet they look. Hope you enjoy your vacation with lots of family time - maybe someone will SERVE YOU!

  2. What a lovely tradition. Visit my blog today to see another holiday tradition.


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