Teacup Thursday: "Poinsettias"

Poinsettias are known as the Christmas Flower. Many of us decorate with them in our home. As I was taking pictures of our pretty Poinsettia teacup, I got curious about the History of the Poinsettia, and here’s what I found!
The Legend of the Poinsettia, originated in Mexico in the 16th century. A poor brother and sister had nothing to offer baby Jesus. They searched and searched for something special to bring him, but had no luck. In attempt to not arrive at church empty handed the children picked a bouquet of leafy green weeds. When they arrived at the church they knelt by baby Jesus and gave them their gift of weeds, all that they had. When Jesus looked at them, the weeds burst into sparkling red flowers that overshadowed the other gifts laid at baby Jesus’ feet and the little children rejoiced!

The five points on a Poinsettia’s blooms also signify the Star of Bethlehem and the bright red color is a symbol of Jesus’ blood and crucifixion. Which is really the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus came to die, to die for our sins and then in three days he rose again! So that all who believe in Him may have eternal life! And that’s a reason to rejoice!

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  1. I did not know the meaning of the poinsettia till now. We are always learning.

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  2. Your poinsettia teacup is very pretty! I love the story of the poinsettia and how it puts the emphasis on our Saviour's life! Christmas is such a beautiful and wondrous time of year and we have Him to thank for that. Even though Christmas has become so commerialized, we Christians can still make it the significant holiday that it is!

    Christmas blessings,

  3. Love the story of the poinsettia and the reminder of what Christmas is all about. Oh of course the tea cup is adorable! I love the little flowers inside!

  4. Your teacup and saucer (and matching teapot I see in the background) are lovely! The poinsettia story is beautiful too.
    And I have to tell you that I love R.Portman's music. I could just sit here and listen for an hour.

  5. A teacup worth celebrating the holiday season with. Beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous teacup! Thanks for the story, too. I love it!


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