Teacup Thursday: "Lady Carlyle"

Teacup Thursday: "Lady Carlyle" by Miss Spenser
I’ve always admired Royal Albert China. One of my favorite patterns is: “Lady Carlyle” as pink is my favorite color. Earlier this year I found a set for sale online in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! It was a four – 5 piece place setting and included a teapot!

I thought it would be a perfect addiction to my future home someday… Since my Grandparents live there, I begged my Grandpa Cherryholmes to go pick them up for me! Of course, he said yes, but he teased he'd have to charge a "pick-up service fee".

Well, my sweet Grandpa did drive across town and pick the set up for me! After calling and teasing again by saying that "he had broken a few pieces"… he said that the set was really pretty and he thought it looked “very Spenser-like”!

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  1. that pattern is one of my favorites. Isn't fun to find things alittle at a time of our favorite things..Wow to have your Grandfather living there in order to pick up for you double blessing...Have a wonderful day.

  2. I adore that pattern!

    I will need to participate soon. Right now I'm in the midst of a series but I have been neglectful of showing my favorite tea "stuff".

  3. How fortunate you are indeed to have such a lovely, elegant set. It is so romantic looking and dainty.

  4. I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it too. I have two teacups. I recently bought a teapot but alas, it's no longer made in England.

  5. WELL MISS SPENSER YOU DID VERY WELL HERE! Keep that Hope Chest loaded!

  6. Definitely Miss Spenser like and so beautiful. It will look glorious in your own home someday.

  7. What a beautiful set of tea cups and plates! I love those elegant rose-colored tea sets!



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