Life on the Farm: New Pond #4

They are finally here!! The pictures of the completed pond!!
 Adding some more rocks to the bottom of the pond!
(Chase is on his knees... no worries, it's not that deep!)

Uncle Steven brought some fish for our pond!

Time to Add the Fish!

The Fishy's like their new home!

Look at our hard working team!

Thanks for joining us every week to view the progress of our new pond!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  


  1. WOW - IT LOOKS FABULOUS! Hope you feed them something a little more hardy that just finger sandwiches - THESE GUYS LOOK LIKE THEY COULD HANDLE STEAKS!

  2. I did enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of a pond I had when I was a young girl. We even had names for our fish in that pond. Tell the boys "good job".

  3. I can tell the guys really worked hard because it turned out wonderful! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.


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