Life on the Farm: New Pond

In honor of Labor Day - we are sharing with you some pictures of "labor" that went on this past month here at the tea room. Miss Spenser and I had this brilliant idea of having a little water went from "little" to a much bigger pond as the guys got involved...but it is turning out so neat! We will be blogging over the next few weeks on the various stages that went into creating this special landscape project.

Miss Spenser's Uncle Steven came from Center Points, Iowa (3 hours away) to supervise! He has created a couple of different landscape ponds, so we convinced him to come...of course the pay was in "tea," kinda like the ancient days, huh?!

Site Location of New Pond!

Let the Digging Begin!

Hmm... I thought Uncle Steven was suppose to be 'supervising'??? Looks like he's working harder than the rest of the guys!

Decisions, decisions...

And More Decisions!!

Join us Next week for more progress pictures on our new pond!

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend with family and of those last holidays before we move into Fall season.

Click the following links to see more progress:


  1. Do you see this as you walk up or outside a window? Also, I always wonder - the Tea Room must be a one end of the house and has a separate commercial kitchen? Just being nosey. Every state has such different rules about kitchens! This pond is going to be a great addition to your setting.

  2. How exciting to get a new pond. I will definitely look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Looks like quite a project! I'm excited to see the finished photos of your water pond! I'm sure it will be a delightful addition to your yard! Blessings!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  4. Hi Miss. Spenser,
    I was just in Iowa for two weeks visiting family. But far to the West of where your at. Otherwise I would have come for tea!
    I am back home in Baton Rouge now.
    I would love to see your pond when it's finished.
    Be blessed...Joyce


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