Teacup Thursday: "Peter Rabbit Tea~Mug"

This week we’ve been busy with preparations for our Beatrix Potter programs being held this Friday and Saturday. So, we thought it would be lovely to share with you our cute “Peter Rabbit Teamug”.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this beloved children’s story that was published in 1901…
The tale of Peter Rabbit begins with Mrs. Rabbit telling Peter and his sisters to go pick blackberries for supper, but do not go into Mr. McGregor’s Garden as their father had an accident there and was made into rabbit pie! However, Peter doesn’t obey his mother and sneaks off into Mr. McGregor’s Garden. Where he eats carrots, radishes, and other vegetables to his heart’s content. Peter is quite enjoying himself until, who should he meet... but Mr. McGregor himself! Peter then must flee for his life and in the process loses his blue jack and shoes! After losing his way in the garden he finally finds the way out and returns to his mother. She puts the naughty Peter to bed with a hot cup of chamomile tea while his sisters enjoy bread, milk and blackberries for supper.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Teacup Thursday! Join us again next week!

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  1. Love Peter Rabbit and this tea mug. I have a baby set with Bunnykins. I bought it for a grandchild, but now since there will not be any grandchildren I will give it soon to my niece. I must remember to photograph it, as it is beautiful and reminds me of your beautiful mug. Oh dear, I didn't know I would give you such a story. Maybe it is your music, it makes me melancholy.

  2. Marilyn, I have a Bunnykins baby set, which I purchased for my son 30 years ago. Now I have 2 granddaughters who use it. My 3 yr old loves to set a tea table already, with real china cups, etc. I supervise, so far so good. I'll be interested in seeing the pic of your Bunnykins. I think they still do my same pattern. And Miss Spenser, I love your mug, as I am partial to thin porcelain mugs. I cannot drink out of coffee mugs, too thick. Fun for teacup lovers.

  3. Love this beautiful story! How lovely to have a reminder as you drink tea!

  4. Ilove Peter Rabbit!and Love this beautiful story.


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