Teacup Thursday: "Haviland & Co. Limoge ~ France"

Look what Grandma found?! Spenser's grandparents are always on the lookout for the perfect teacup!! Grandma found this one at a tag sale earlier this summer...this is a Haviland and Co. Limoge - France...isn't it pretty?!

Miss Spenser says tea from this cup tastes so much better than a regular cup!! I think you would have to agree!

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  1. What a beautiful teacup! So very elegant and beautiful indeed!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  2. This is very soft and delicate looking - lovely!

  3. What a very feminine, delicate teacup. I always love Limoges. It touches my heart, as I have a very special set of china that belonged to my grandfather. It is Haviland Limoges violets and daisies.

  4. Hello Donna & Miss Spenser. I'm going to have to start following your Teacup Thursday posts.

  5. Beautiful! I love the delicate pink rose swags on this set and the beautiful setting you have featured it in- very vintage! Thank you for sharing!


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