Teacup Thursday: "Flower Fairies of Autumn"

Well, this past Monday (September 27th) was my 21st birthday! And as you all know, my mom started a tradition back when I was 14 years old 'a teacup every birthday!' Well, this year I was lucky and received two!! They are both very pretty and I'm excited to share them with you!

The first one here is a cute 'Flower Fairies of Autumn' Teacup artwork by Cicely Mary Barker. I've always loved her artwork and Autumn is my favorite time of year so I was thrilled when I received this sweet teacup!  Apparently it's one in a series of four by Queen's. I tried googling the other seasons but couldn't find any, so if you happen know of where to I can purchase Spring, Summer or Winter please let me know! I think it would be fun to collect all four!

The Song of the White Bryony Fairy
Have you seen at Autumn-time
Fairy-folk adorning
All the hedge with necklaces,
Early in the morning?
Green beads and red beads
Threaded on a vine:
Is there any handiwork
Prettier than mine?

The Song of the Acorn Fairy
To English folk the mighty oak
Is England's noblest tree;
Its hard-grained wood is strong and good
As English hearts can be.
And would you know how oak-trees grow,
The secret may be told:
You do but need to plant for seed
One acorn in the mould;
For even so, long years ago,
Were born the oaks of old.

Be sure to visit us next week to see my other pretty teacup!
If you'd like to join us for Teacup Thursday email me here and I'll be sure to link your blog on ours!

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  1. Your autumn set is so cute. Thanks for the smile.

  2. WHAT A WONDERFUL CUP AND SAUCER! Miss Spenser - you should have a great collection!

  3. I love your new fairy cup. The poems too are beautiful! Happy 21st!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Miss Spencer! Love the fairy teacup. What a lovely tradition of receiving one on each birthday. Great idea Mom!
    Happy October.

  5. Cute, cute, cute...loved the Fairy Tea Cups!
    Oh...and I can't believe your only 21!!!
    You seem much more mature than that. Happy Birthday!

  6. I enjoyed the poems and loved seeing your new fairy teacup. A belated Happy Birthday to you!



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