Teacup Thursday: "My Mother's China"

This past weekend would have been my mother's 76th birthday ~ August 8. My mom died when I was 7 years old...she was one of those unfortunate souls who was stricken with breast cancer before there were any remedies for the sickness.
Here is a picture of my mom back when she graduated from High School...my mom went on to marry her high school sweetheart...the sweetest guy on earth, my dad, Burl. This past month, we Miss Spenser and I were thrilled to learn that one of our guests visiting the tea room was actually a classmate of my parents. She told us that it was very apparent that they were "in love...for when you saw one, you'd see the other." It was very endearing to hear these words.
This pretty teacup that you see today is from my mother's china. My father purchased them for her as a wedding gift back in April 1954. I have always admired these pretty cups, the cream background with the pink coral bell flowers in the center set off with a platinum rim, just so pretty! For me, it's really special owning these dishes as they allow me a peek into my mother's tastes...but they also impart a special closeness to her when I use these on special occasions.
Now, I must say, that I am indeed a blessed person...because my dad did go on later to marry another, equally wonderful person...my 2nd mom, Pauline...which I hope to share wonderful things about her one day too...So, I hope you enjoy my "pretties" today...

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  1. Donna: What a sweet post. I am amazed at the fact that you were just little girl when your Mom passed away. That would be very difficult and I know she would be very proud of you and the way you have excelled and very proud of Spenser!

  2. Poignant tea memories are so very special. I have a living memory of my Mom who was very special to my tea room HopeChest on my blog ==
    http://marshashopechest.blogspot.com/ (July's post). Memories sustain us and remind US to keep creating our own for our family & friends. Thanks for your memories.

  3. I was touched by your post about your mother. It is so nice you have china to remember her by. I am lucky to still have my sweet mom. My aunt gave me a beautiful plate that was my wonderful grandmothers...I look at it and remember what beautiful taste she had and how much I adored her. Have a great day friend...Sue, Sprucevale Cottage.

  4. This is a lovely post. The pink coral bells are really pretty.

  5. What a very sweet story and a very beautiful tea set! I'm glad to see my pal 'The High Altitude Tea Dutchess' join teacup Thursday. Sorry I haven't been able to participate or visit on a regular basis. I'm still in the middle of, well, you know. It's all OK, and I am honored to be doing what the Master wants me to do. It's so refreshing to pop in here for a visit.

  6. What a special post and yes you are so fortunate to have this glimpse into your mother's loves of coral bells and china.


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