Tea Outing for Clarke County Mom's Group

This past Friday evening we hosted a little tea outing for the Mom's of the Clarke County Mom's Group. Upon arrival, the ladies went through the many vintage hats available, and all found one appropriate for the attire or mood.

The guests enjoyed a delicious four course tea...

Fresh Garden Salad with Strawberries and Mandarin Oranges topped with Sugar Coated Nuts and a home made Vinaigrette Dressing

Savory Rosemary Chicken Salad in Croissant
Lavender Egg Salad on Marbled Rye
Tomato Basil Tarts
Country Cucumber Sandwiches

Creme Scones with jelly, curd and cream

English Tea Cakes
Brownie Bites
Sugar Cookies

Fragrant Teas

As the evening began to wind down, we shared with them a very humorous book on being a mom..."Five Minutes Peace" by Jill Murphy...all of the mom's could relate to this cute little tale. It was a lovely evening, despite the thunderstorm!!

Thank you Clarke County Mom's for allowing Miss Spenser's an opportunity to pamper you for the evening!


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