August 1st ~ National Friendship Day

August 1st is National Friendship Day so we thought it would be fun to share some pretty pictures and friendship quotes with you. We also want to tell all of our Tea friends how much we've enjoyed your friendship this past year ~ our lives have been enriched by knowing you! We that hope you are inspired to drop your dear friends a note today to tell them how much you cherish their friendship...
"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand
but touches your heart."
~Kathleen Grove
"A friend is a rare book, of which one copy is made."
~From Friend to Friend, 1913

"Friendship is the golden thread that tied
the hearts of all the world."
~ Evelyn, From Friend to Friend, 1913


  1. Friendships are so worth treasuring. Love your thoughts and pictures. Thanks for being a friend.

  2. This really touched me...thanks for posting these beautiful quotes on Friends. I feel so blessed to have found Miss Spenser's tea house, and when I entered I was surrounded by Kindred Spirits, the truest friends of all! :)


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