Teacup Thursday: "Another Hammersley & Co".

Every August, our family gets together for our annual family reunion, it's generally on one of those very hot and humid days! We had a wonderful time seeing all of our relatives and catching up, however, this year was a bitter-sweet one for me...my mother's immediate family is getting so small...so sad to see. Don and I began to worry a bit when the folks about 10 years older than us were reporting the "s" word quite often -- back "surgery," knee "surgery," etc!! YIKES... It impressed upon us to keep up the exercise program and perhaps we need to cut down on a few tea cakes too! (Frown!)
My Uncle Richard and his son, Greg, flew in from Colorado and spent Saturday evening with us. We were sad that my Aunt Lena wasn't able to make it...she is at home caring for her elderly mother. Aunt Lena is one of those very thoughtful people; she sent along a few goodies: Cherry Blossom fragrances from Bath and Body Works...and then, of course, our favorite, a very pretty, dainty teacup.

This tea cup is a Hammersley & Co. This is a very unique teacup and we will be enjoying it today!  Thank you Aunt Lena for thinking of us, we do hope you will get to visit the tea room soon!

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  1. Just wanted to add my name to the list of ladies participating in Teacup Thursday.

  2. What a pretty teacup. And, I love the story of your thoughtful Aunt Lena.

  3. Family gatherings are the best. Lovely, lovely teacup. Definitely keep up the exercise program, it is so worth it. Now I need to get out for a walk this morning. Teacakes, oh my, those are hard to give up.

  4. Love to participate in Teacup Thursday, especially as I'm sometimes late for Teacup Tuesday. I feature cups & saucers from my collection as well as ones currently for sale on Etsy and the occasional teaparty. This weeks post is at http://teapartyland.blogspot.com/2010/08/satin-rose-by-royal-albert.html


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