Never a Dull Moment...

As they say, "Never a Dull Moment..." boy does that ring true, even at 3 a.m.! This past evening, we were all sleeping so peacefully, when our ferocious (not really) collie dogs started barking in high pitched tones. I knew, that type of bark, meant something was terribly wrong!! So, being the mom I am, I got up to check it out -- Farmer Don slept peacefully on!! I turned on the light to see that they were after something that looked like a HUGE gray I stuck my head out the back door and said, "Hey guys, leave it alone, calm down..." when all of a sudden, I heard this noise behind my was a scratching sound...I turned my head around only to find a raccoon hanging on the eves-spout!! NOW...needless to say, I screamed, and I am sure he screamed!

We live on the prairie, and there are not a lot of mature trees yet, so finding a raccoon hanging on our eves-pout spout was quite startling!! I am not sure if my screaming or the dogs did it...but everyone woke up...all 6 of us.  In trying to find a game plan as to how to get the critter off the house, we were all fumbling around because we had been sleeping, but brave Farmer Don ended up opening the door just a bit and knocked it off with the broom.  Boy, did he growl and hiss! Try going back to sleep after all that excitement! (SMILES)

There must have been a racoon party last evening, because while I was shopping today, a lady behind me in the grocery store said they had 4 racoons running around in their backyard last evening and that her hound dogs went berserk! Made me think of one of my favorite childhood books..."Wait till the Moon is Full" by Margaret Wise Brown...There was once a little raccoon who wanted to go out in the night..."  Only thing was, there wasn't a full moon last night!  Oh to pour myself a cup of tea...hope you enjoyed, yet again, another exciting tale from Down on the Farm!!


  1. Oh I am smiling at your raccoon story. How exciting. They are rather cute, but so very destructive. They once tore a hole in our roof and when it rained there was a waterfall in our living room. About once every summer a mama raccoon and her babies travel through our backyard. I am so glad they don't stay.

  2. We have many raccoon stories to tell. They really seem to like us because we keep cat food in the garage. The funiest story of all was when the younger daughter was about 17. She parked her car in the garage and came running in the house screaming about the huge raccoon in the garage. The hubby and I went out to investigate and discovered 3 raccoons in our garage refrigerator!!! Yes, raccoons can open a refrigerator door.

  3. Yes, those full moons bring out everything. Sad part is the carnage on the roads the next day. With all the adrenaline form the excitement of your raucous night, seems like the only thing to do is grab a cuppa and start the day! lol

  4. This is a fantastic story. Raccoons sure are mischievous. What a fright you had, so glad to hear Don got it moving (to the neighbor's house no doubt).

    We had a mommy raccoon and 4 babies in our fig tree. They woke us up scampering on the roof. My husband thought he'd shoo them off by squirting them with the hose, but instead they were thankful for the shower, they really enjoyed it. Eventually the mom lead her young through the yard to our gate, climbed up and unlatched it, and still perched on the gate swung it open as the 4 little ones walk out on the sidewalk.


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