Miss Spenser Saves Prince Charming

The other evening, while Don, Miss Spenser, and I were out for a walk, Miss Spenser heard this crying sound. The noise sounded like a little kitty in distress and, as Spenser's other job should be Kitty Rescue League, we had to stop and figure out who was crying.  The sound seemed to be coming from a small culvert nearby, so she went over to peer inside, but soon realized the sound wasn't actually coming from there. It was coming from a grassy area that had just been mowed. The strange thing was, we could hear a crying but saw nothing! We were all baffled... Don (Spenser's dad) began flipping the grass back and discovered a garter snake!

It appeared that the garter snake was in the middle of his dinner and Prince Charming was on the menu! Apparently, the Prince's right leg was the first course and that's who was screaming for help! Miss Spenser ran to get a stick with which Don flipped the snake over and Prince Charming was able to get away!! Whew...what a close call! Prince Charming's Kiss will have to wait for another day! (smiles)

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  1. WHAT A STIRRING STORY OF LIFE SAVING! PERHAPS YOU SHOULD PUBLISH A BOOK - HA! Very cute! I can sleep now knowing this frog has another chance at life!


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