Teacup Thursday: "Coclough China"

“The taking of Tea can be as comforting as a warm embrace.”

This teacup here is made by Colclough China in Longton England. It has a pretty little blue border that goes around the top of the cup and outer edge of saucer. To me it looks and feels really old! Something I’d imagine a heroine from a Jane Austen novel to sip tea out of!
Till next time,
~Miss Spenser

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  1. I only have a few blue teacups in my collection. Mine tend to be pinks and mixed florals. I like this blue and white Colclough.

  2. Lovely! I can't resist blue & white!

  3. It does look really old, love how it matches the cup on the book. Pieces from history are so amazing. Thanks for hosting this wonderful 'tea time'.

  4. What a sweet teacup. I love the adorable blue design.


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