'Puff-Sleeves' for Ronda ~ Part 2

Skirt Ruffle:

Anne's Skirt Ruffle
I love how Anne’s Skirt flows as she walks around! It’s a two layer skirt – one of silk/satin and the other made of the striped sheer. These two layers are what creates the flowing looks as she moves around. If you look closely you’ll see there is a lot of detail on her skirt. A ruffle, bound with a satin ribbon and then few layers of ribbon stripes at the lower end of the skirt

Here are some pictures of the beginnings of the skirt:
(ignore the wrinkles)

Plain Skirt without the ruffles

Close up of the Ruffle

Skirt with Ruffle and Ribbon Trim

Stay tune for more pictures next week!! 


  1. Wow! You have certainly challenged yourself with this project, but I am guessing you are enjoying it. Beautiful!

  2. As a fellow seamstress, I must congratulate you on taking on this very difficult and detailed project. It looks beautiful so far and I am in great anticipation of seeing the finished gown.

    Mary Jane

  3. Okay, I have to comment here...Miss Spenser, your sewing skills, as well as your many other, continue to awe me!!

    Love - Mom


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