Exciting News for Princess Diana Fans!

One of our special blog followers from Kansas City just informed us that today the Kansas City Star announced, "Diana, a Celebration" will be making its way to the Kansas City Union Station March 4 through June 12.

Two years ago, Miss Spenser, our special friend Cindy, and I traveled  to Cleveland, Ohio to see this exhibit.  We were told at the time it probably wouldn't be in the states again...so naturally, we hopped in the car and made the 13 hour trip...my hiner was tired...but it was SOOO worth it. 

We would highly recommend this special Exhibit.  It's the next best thing to visiting Althrop.  The cost is $23.50 for non-members of the Union Station and $10 for members.

THANK YOU Jenny for letting us know this fantastic news!! 


  1. I wondered where it would be this year. Last year it was in the Atlanta area, if I remember correctly. I saw the display in Dayton, OH and Althrop. Yes, I am a Diana fan...

  2. Yep...I saw it at Kensington Palace. Wonder where else it's going? Hopefully here to the Seattle area as well.

  3. Found out the exhibit is currently (until Feb. 16th) in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Grand Rapids Art Museum if anyone is in that area. Some of the events include a Royal Tea and Tiara gallery.

  4. I would love to join in your tea cup thursday blog posting tomorrow, but am unable to see how to do so.


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