'Puff-Sleeves' for Ronda ~ Part 3

Bodice and Sleeves:

The sleeves on Anne’s dress are definitely “Puffy”. That was the fashion back then!! Some even joked that the women had to turn side ways to get through the door!

Here’s a picture of the sleeves pinned into the mock-up bodice:

Finishing up the bodice and adding the lacy collar:

Lace and Ruffle Neckline

Added a little bow on the end of the sleeves for a sweet touch

Almost finished!!

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  1. The dictionary defines exquisite as "being of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence " And, that is just what this beautiful creation is ... exquisite.

    Mary Jane

  2. Beautiful! You are making a gorgeous dress and doing a beautiful job. The recipient will be thrilled.

  3. This definitely fits in to the "Pretty Pretty Princess" catagory.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and dreamy!


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