'Puff-Sleeves' for Ronda ~ Part 1

Spenser and Ronda

The tearoom has brought Mom and I many wonderful friends… and last year June, the tearoom brought be a very special friend, Ronda Kelley. Ronda is originally from Ontario, Canada, but met and fell in love with an ‘Iowa Boy’ and now lives with her husband in Boone.

Anne Shirley reciting "The Highway Man"

Ronda is a true Kindred Spirit and loves everything “Anne”. Ronda, her husband, and a friend attended our Anne of Green Gables tea back in June. After the tea she confessed to me that “she’d always dreamed of having a dress with puff sleeves”.

She loved the dress that Anne wore in “Highway Man” scene. Since I love sewing/design/costuming… I immediately knew which dress she was talking about!

Ronda thought it would be neat to wear it at their Wedding Anniversary Celebration up in Canada this year! This project sounded like too much fun for me to pass it up! So, we began discussing and planning the creation of this beautiful dress!

I studied the movie’s dress and drew up sketches. We went to a few different fabric stores in Des Moines… at the first one, we found some fabric that would work. From the movie it looked like there was an ‘overskirt’ of sheer striped fabric. I had in my mind what I wanted but hadn’t ever seen any fabric in person like that before. We tried one more fabric store, and there it was… laying over in the modern apparel… cream, sheer striped fabric! I couldn't belive it! I wanted to scream... It was perfect!!
Come back next week to view the progress I made on the skirt! 


  1. Can't wait to see what you did. How fun to have this special project.

  2. I can't wait to see it. You have probably seen my Anne's dress on my blog. The first dress I made a deal with the girl that she could "earn the dress by doing the event" several times. After a number of years I realized my mistake because she outgrew the role and the dress became hers. Now, after the expense of a second dress, I own the dress! I am sure yours will be lovely!

  3. Thank you for hosting teatime thurs.I enjoyed myself.Everyone's tea tasted wonderful.


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