Reflection on this Past Weekend

What a wonderful time I had this past weekend with my family, celebrating both my birthday and Mother's Day. I wanted to share with you tea loving friends a couple of my special gifts.

On my birthday, Saturday, I opened up a lovely gift containing this pretty Teapot made by Price, I love transferware...especially scenes of English countryside!

After Saturday was over, I thought all the gift giving was over, but no...the kids surprised me on Sunday morning with a few other items...and, naturally, a teapot was one of the special items received. This beautiful Rose Teapot made by Arthur & Sons, Stattfordshire, ENGLAND.  As roses are one of my favorite flowers to collect in teapots and cups, you can only imagine how thrilled I was upon receiving this gift!

For lunch Miss Spenser served Strawberry Fruit Soup, Ham and Cheese Quiche, and Cream Scones served with Violet Jelly and freshly whipped was yummy...and for dessert, we enjoyed leftover Chocolate Fudge Birthday was a most glorious day!! Hoping all mothers out there enjoyed an equally beautiful day with their families!


  1. Let me be the first to say you did VERY WELL!
    Also, Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow! Two gifts of teapots, how very special. Love the one with roses. People certainly know what you love.

  3. The rose teapot is among my collection of teapots too! It's one of my favorites as I love the ruffly top edge! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday!


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