The Virtuous Woman ~ Proverbs 31

We are participating in Bernideen's Tea Time Topic for today: 
"The Virtuous Woman ~ Proverbs 31"
Don't you think that's a perfect topic for Mother's Day?
Here is a picture of a lovely cameo my sweet Grandma Cherryholmes gave me in my late teens (my Grandma, as a young girl, in the photo). This Cameo is something that I have cherished for many years now; interestingly enough, it sparked my interest in collecting cameos. When my Grandma gave me this little sweet pin, she told me that it meant, "Beautiful lady." I had always believed that to be true...and over the years I have tried to find information concerning that, but to no avail; however, despite my grandma, that's what it meant, "Beautiful lady."
The Proverbs 31 Woman has always represented to me..."A Beautiful Lady;" wow, what a beautiful Cameo she would be! Over my 49 years...I have tried to exemplify her ~ her examples of virtue, faithfulness, reverence, goodness, industriousness, endurance, provider, good wife, good mother...kind, and so forth. I must admit, some of her virtues are definitely easier than others to follow...but in my heart of hearts, I desire to demonstrate them all. As I wear my cameo is a sweet reminder of my dear grandmother who demonstrated beauty to me in so many wonderful ways, and it also spurs me on to be a better "Beautiful Lady," a modern-day "Proverbs 31 Woman."

Bernideen's is a lovely tea shop located in the heart of Old Colorado City, Colorado's definitely on our "bucket list!" Enjoy her blog's all about tea, tea parties, hospitality, food, and decorating. Thanks Bernideen for the thought-provoking topic!


  1. What a beautiful narrative and photos- great memories and reminders!

  2. Your cameos are beautiful - what a great collection. That is special to have your Grandma's gift cameo to treasure.

  3. Love your cameo and sharing about your Grandmother's gift. When my daughter turned 21, I gave her a cameo. I had purchased it in Kansas at an estate sale when she was a baby. She was born in Kansas. Love cameo's. We visited a cameo factory in Italy about a year and a half ago and it was so fun to watch them hand carve them.


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