Artistic Tea Friends

A couple of years ago, Miss Spenser was trying to find someone to tutor her in her watercolor interests... so she decided to pray about finding a mentor. Not long after, look who showed up at the Tearoom ~ one of Iowa's Premier Watercolor Landscape Artists, John Preston!  Here's a picture of John and his lovely wife, Cindy. They came to our Out of Africa Tea that we hosted in October of 2008.  John is an avid Tea Drinker... see Tea is not just for women! :) We have enjoyed our friendship with them immensely.

Here's an exibit, ANNUAL LANDSCAPE SHOW,  that's currently on display at the Olson Larson Gallery in Valley Junction, IA. For those of you who live (or used to live) in the Midwest, you will see that John Preston has the talent of capturing the beauty of the rural countryside!   We hope to own one of his works one day!  Enjoy!!

"Apres Les Bain" (After the Bath)


  1. Good Monday Morning:
    What a wonderful artist he is!

  2. John's work is incredible! Each of his paintings cause you to look up into a captivating sky. Without you having told me already, I would guess John is a Christian just by looking at wonder and beauty of God's creation he so beautiful captures in his paintings. You are blessed to know him and his sweet wife.


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